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TPU sole

TPU sole has good elasticity, toughness, adhesion and abrasion resistance.

Application:TPU sole material is one of the preferred sole materials for special shoes with high requirements, such as labor safety shoes, football shoes, skates, hiking shoes, etc.

What is the material of TPU sole ?

As an elastomer, TPU is a material between rubber and plastic

TPU sole is a thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer polymer material, which is one of the PU family.

TPU sole advantage !

TPU is the abbreviation of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer. It has good elasticity, toughness, adhesion and excellent wear resistance.

TPU sole material  has the characteristics of high tension, high tension, strong toughness and aging resistance. It is a mature environment-friendly material with excellent elasticity, toughness, tear resistance and bending resistance

As an elastomer, TPU is a material between rubber and plastic. It is oil resistant, water resistant and mold resistant. TPU products have outstanding bearing capacity, impact resistance and shock absorption performance.

The oxidation resistance is different from ordinary sole materials. The oxidation resistance is another advantage of TPU type sole.

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